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  • Shoei X-Spirit 3 Marquez Helmet

Manufacturer: Shoei
Available in sizes: XS-XL
Colour: Red,Black,White,Grey

Manufacturer: Shoei
Available in sizes: XS-XL


Head Circ. Cm 53-54 55-56 57-58 59-60 61-62


When going flat out on a MotoGP bike, you do not have any time to take care about issues with your helmet. This was one of the main targets during the development of the X-Spirit III. The helmet should be perfect for racing, and nothing else. With the extreme ventilation performance and the highly sophisticated aerodynamic system, the X-Spirit III is your perfect companion to take the top place on the podium.


Organic fibre, multi-composite and high-performance fibre in various layers for a shock-absorbent shell with optimum rigidity

Modular EPS liner system with multi densities

Optimized protection through EPS elements with different shock-absorbing levels

Security system

E.Q.R.S. (Emergency Quick Release System) for easy helmet removal in case of an accident

Mist-retardant CWR-F pinlock visor

2-dimensional shape for easy application of tear-offs Vortex generators for advanced aerodynamic performance

Adjustable interiors

The position of the helmet can rotate 4° around the horizontal axis. This enables the rider to adjust the view from inside the helmet to have better vision when in a racing position.

6 closable air inlets and 6 air outlets

Optimum ventilation performance for sport-riding

New Cheek Vent System

For the first time, a helmet is equipped with a ventilation-system for the lower part of the helmet. Because the helmets are more closed at the bottom to realize a better aerodynamic performance, there is less air-exchange then former helmet models. Active cooling, even in the lower part of the helmet, was developed to give the rider a more pleasant feeling and keep him cool under all circumstance.

Sophisticated aerodynamic system

Highly specialized aerodynamic system for high-speed riding. Developed and tested in the SHOEI wind-tunnel, it reduces drag and lift of the helmet. This decreases the stress that the neck of the rider must overcome. Lift is reduced by 3% and drag by 10% compared the the X-Spirit II.

Rear stabilizer with equipped flaps

With the implementation of the rear flaps, the X-Spirit III reduces the shaking of the helmet by 50% compared the X-Spirit II. This is essential to have a clear view during high-speed riding. Two different rear flaps are available for different conditions and track layouts. Smaller ones for slow, curvy tracks and bigger ones for faster, straighter layouts.
Helmets Full-Face
Colour White
Helmet Model Shoei X-Spirit 3
Style Plain

Shoei X-Spirit 3 Marquez Helmet

  • Brand: Shoei
  • Product Code: SHXS3MARQ
  • £699.99

  • Ex Tax: £699.99

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