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The Touring Pack has been created to offer greater comfort and practicality over longer distances. The fly screen ensures increased wind protection and greater riding comfort. More storage is within easy reach with the panniers and 45 litre top box. The main stand gives you added confidence when you reach your destination.

Pack Contains:

Rear Carrier 08L70-MJJ-D30 - A sturdy Rear Carrier that offers convenient luggage storage space and is essential if fitting a 35L/39L Top Box.

Windscreen 08R72-MGS-D10 - A polycarbonate Fly Screen that provides improved rider comfort by reducing wind blasts on the chest at higher speeds. It is 50mm higher and 40mm wider than the standard version.

Mainstand 08M70-MGS-D10 - A necessity for more secure parking on variable ground surfaces, a Centre Stand also eases cleaning and rear wheel maintenance.

Heated Grip kit - Extremely slim Heated Grip Kit, with integrated control for maximum rider-comfort. Features 3-step variable heating levels, with integrated circuit to protect the battery from draining and smart heat allocation that focuses on the area of the hands that are most sensitive to the cold.
Kit Contains:

  • H/Grips 08T50-MGE-800
  • Hand Grip Cement 08CRD-HGC-20GMA
  • H/G attachment 08T70-MJL-D10
  • Relay Kit 08A70-MGS-D30

29L Panniers Kit - A set of two aerodynamically shaped 29L panniers especially designed to look fully integrated on the NC750S.
Kit Contains:

  • Side panniers bracket 08L74-MGS-J30
  • Side panniers stay 08L71-MJJ-D30
  • Side panniers 08L76-MGS-D30
  • Pannier Panels
    (Graphite Black) Pannier Panel 08F70-MJF-A00ZL
    (Mat Pearl Glare White) Pannier Panel 08F70-MJF-A00A6
    (Candy Arcadian Red) Pannier Panel 08F70-MJF-A00A4

Top Box Kit - A colour-matched Top Box offering 45L of carrying capacity which can store two full-face helmets and more. Features a locking and easily detachable mounting system.

Kit Contains:

  • Key Inner Kit 08M73-HAC-J41
  • 45L Top Box Case
    (Graphite Black) Top Box 08L72-MGE-J32YB 
    (Mat Pearl Glare White) Top Box 08L72-MGE-J32ZX 
    (Candy Arcadian Red) Top Box 08L72-MGE-J32ZU 

Motorcycle Compatibility: 

Honda NC750S 2014-2015 

Available Colours: 

NH-B01 Graphite Black - 08HME-MLS-TO14A 

NH-B54P Mat Pearl Glare White - 08HME-MLS-TO14BX

R-305C Candy Arcadian Red - 08HME-MLS-TO14CX

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Attention! Item is discontinued. Honda UK stocks them until it's all gone, before purchase please contact us for availability!

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My Motorcycle Model Honda NC750S
Year of Production 2014,2015
Accessories Accessory Pack

Honda NC750S Touring Pack 08HME-MLS-TO14*X

  • Brand: Honda
  • Product Code: 08HME-MLS-TO14**
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