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  • Bagster Universal Switch R

Standard apron for small scooters (< or = 125cm3)

Maximum advised speed:90km/h (about 55 Miles per hour)

Patented product

Waterproof apron

Standard apron fixed with straps:one main strap on the front of the scooter and two others on the bottom of each side. Many straps are supplied with the apron to allow the fitting on different scooters.

A metallic support piece allows the stability on the bottom and each side of the apron until a maximum speed of 90km/h. Furthermore this support piece is manually flexible to allow the rider to remove his feet backwards from the apron. A small breastplate completes the rider protection thanks to an elastic belt. The apron can be rolled up thanks to a strap placed in the middle of the extendable neopren part, on the front

Bagster Universal Switch R

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